Join us in helping to stop the state takeover of Ohio's public schools.

We believe that public education matters and we will fight for meaningful change to House Bill 70.  We will work to “pause” House Bill 70 until a new governor and legislature are sworn in so there is an opportunity to fix this flawed legislation.

We believe in a fair and equitable State Report Card that reflects progress, not just proficiency, and measures more than just an ever-changing standardized test result.

We believe that the quality of public education affects the quality of the communities served.  We know that struggling schools can lead to struggling communities, making public education matter that much more significant.

We pledge to advocate and fight for:

  • Meaningful State help and resources for struggling districts

  • A consistent and fair testing process that accurately evaluates urban students, poor students, and students of color.

  • A State Report Card that is an accurate measure for ALL districts 

  • A “pause” in HB 70 so a real solution can be created

We will work with the new leadership to bring meaningful change because we know that public education matters.

Teenage Students Raising Hands